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Middleby Marshall PS2620G-2 Countertop Gas Conveyor Oven, Double Stacked Unit, Heating Zone 26"

Middleby Marshall PS2620G-2 Countertop Gas Conveyor Oven, Double Stacked Unit, Heating Zone 26"

Middleby Marshall PS2620G-2

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Introducing the PS2620 Conveyor by Middleby Marshall—an innovative blend of cutting-edge technology and space-saving design. This countertop high-volume gem is a powerhouse that redefines efficiency in the culinary realm. The 20" cooking chamber and a 26" wide belt ensure that every inch is utilized for optimal cooking performance.

Fueling this culinary marvel is a ½” NPT gas supply entrance pipe, seamlessly integrating the power of gas for faster and more precise cooking results. The patent-pending compact gas heat system takes center stage, offering a revolutionary approach to energy efficiency without compromising on output.

The PS2620 is not just about power; it's about intelligence. Thanks to its variable-speed High h recirculating impingement airflow system, this conveyor ensures consistent and swift cooking. The stackable design, accommodating up to 3 units high with stacking kits, maximizes kitchen space while providing unmatched versatility.

Customization is at your fingertips with variable-speed blower motors, allowing you to tailor the cooking environment to your specific needs. The easy-to-clean mono-finger design ensures that maintenance is a breeze, keeping your kitchen running smoothly.

Say goodbye to guesswork with the built-in self-diagnostics feature that monitors oven components, providing peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of your investment. The PS2620 offers flexibility with left or right feed conveyor belt direction controlled seamlessly through software.

As a complete package, this conveyor comes with a plug and cord (6 ft. nominal), eliminating the hassle of additional purchases. With a one-year parts and labor warranty, Middleby Marshall stands behind the durability and reliability of the PS2620.

Choose the power source that suits your kitchen with 208/240V supply voltage versions available. Safety is paramount, and the PS2620 addresses this concern with cool-to-touch covers and panels, ensuring a safe working environment for your kitchen staff.

Experience the future of high-volume cooking with the Middleby Marshall PS2620 Conveyor—an embodiment of efficiency, intelligence, and reliability in a compact design.


Standard Features

  • 20” cooking chamber, 26” wide belt
  • Gas supply entrance pipe is ½” NPT
  • Patent pending compact gas heat system
  • Variable-speed High h recirculating impingement airflow system
  • Stackable design up to 3 high (requires stacking kits)
  • Variable-speed blower motors
  • Easy to clean mono-finger design
  • Built-in self diagnostics for monitoring oven components
  • Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via software
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal)
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • 208/240V supply voltage versions available
  • Cool to touch covers and panels

Double Stacked Unit
Bake Operating Temperature:
600°F 316°C
Time Range:
30 seconds - 14 minutes
Heating Zone:
52” 1016 mm
Baking Area:
7.2 ft2 0.67 m2
Belt Length:
48.4” 1229 mm
Belt Width:
26” 660 mm
Height(11.25”/286 mm legs):
30.84” 783 mm
208/240 V
50/60 Hz
3 wire (2 hot, 1 ground)
20A* min or per local code
6 ft cord with NEMA# L6-20P plug for 250V, 1 phase. Customer to provide NEMA# L6-20R receptacle.
Supply (Inlet) Pressure:
6-8” W.C. (14.9-19.9 mbar)**
Manifold Pressure:
3.5” W.C. (8.7mbar)
Rated Heat Input:
40,000 BTU (11.7 kW)

For complete product specifications and to download the file, please click below.

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