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Atosa MRS-1-MOP MixRite Compartment Mop Sink 21"W X 21-1/2"D X 44-1/2" H

Atosa MRS-1-MOP MixRite Compartment Mop Sink 21"W X 21-1/2"D X 44-1/2" H

Atosa MRS-1-MOP

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30.00 LBS
21.00 (in)
44.50 (in)
21.50 (in)

The Atosa MRS-1-MOP MixRite Compartment Mop Sink is a premium solution designed to meet the specific needs of commercial cleaning. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

1. Durable Construction: Crafted from a single sheet of 18-gauge stainless steel, this mop sink ensures durability and longevity, with the material known for its resistance to corrosion and wear.

2. Optimal Size: The 18"L x 18"D x 13"H bowl size is thoughtfully designed for washing mops and other cleaning supplies, providing ample space for efficient cleaning tasks.

3. Efficient Drainage: The creased and angled drain boards are a practical feature, ensuring easy and efficient drainage. This design helps maintain a clean and organized cleaning area.

4. Modern Design: The sleek and stylish design of the MRS-1-MOP MixRite Compartment Mop Sink adds a modern touch to any commercial kitchen or cleaning room. The aesthetics are tailored to complement the overall look of the space.

5. Stability and Support: The inclusion of galvanized legs and adjustable ABS bullet feet provides stability and support, ensuring that the sink remains securely in place during use.

6. NSF Certification: The NSF certification attests to the sink's compliance with rigorous standards for safety and sanitation. This is particularly important in settings where cleanliness is paramount.

The combination of functionality, modern design, and reliability make the Atosa MRS-1-MOP MixRite Compartment Mop Sink a standout choice for commercial cleaning needs. When marketing this product, it can be beneficial to emphasize its durability, efficient design, and adherence to safety and sanitation standards. Providing information on ease of maintenance and any warranty coverage can further enhance its appeal to businesses seeking a top-tier cleaning solution.


Leg Size(inch):
Exterior Dimensions(inch) (LxDxH):
21"W X 21-1/2"D X 44-1/2" H
Sink Depth (rim - drain):

For complete product specifications and to download the file, please click below.

width= MRS-1-MOP