Peerless Pizza, Bake, Mexican & Industrial Ovens

Peerless is one of the few family owned and operated manufacturers of food service equipment in the country today. Celebrating over 95 years in business, Peerless got it's start in the early 1900's in Columbus, Ohio. In 1919 Peerless manufactured a line of outdoor BBQ units, multi-level ovens and an Infra Red Rotisserie. To prove their test of time, Peerless is still manufacturing two units today that were manufactured in 1919. In the 1990's Peerless began the Maximizer movement - Maximizers save time, money and most importantly space. Maximizer products cost less to buy operate and maintain than other brands, and they last! Today Peerless manufactures a high-performance line of pizza ovens, Mexican ovens, bake ovens and industrial ovens that are used not only in the food service industry, but in the soil sampling industry as well as by prosthetics and orthotics industries.

Peerless 2348B, Multideck Bake Oven
8-Pan Capacity
Peerless C-131, Gas Countertop Pizza Oven
Four Decks @ 24in. Wide x 19in. Deep each
Call for Special Pricing for a limited time!

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