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Marsal SD-660 Gas Deck Oven,  Double Stack

Marsal SD-660 Gas Deck Oven, Double Stack

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Marsal SD-660 Specifications

Exclusive Burner Design To get to the heart of Marsal ingenuity, first look at the burner system. On all Marsal ovens, we use a two-inch-thick brick cooking surface that holds the heat in, dispersing it throughout the baking deck. Underneath, we include our signature left-to-right burner design so that every pie has part of the burner system directly underneath it. For this reason, your Marsal oven will disperse heat evenly and powerfully, keeping up with you at even your busiest times. Innovative Air Chamber Because your customers will be craving more of yor fine product, we needed to ensure our ovens were equipped with unrelenting power. All Marsal ovens are designed with our special innovative air chamber, located below the cooking surface, which eliminates hotspots so there is no need to spin or rotate pies. The MB Series is engineered to keep up at your busiest times, as well as radiate a powerful heat evenly throughout the baking chamber to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust and product that your customers love. Slotted Side Baffle System To give your pizza a better bake on top, we have designed a special side baffle system using slots instead of circles. These slots push more heat to the center of the oven, cooking your pies evenly on the top. SD Series pizza ovens include many of the same features as MB Series pizza ovens and are built with heavy-duty 18-gauge stainless steel on front and sides. Your oven will not quit as the customers keep pouring in to see the classic beauty of your stainless steel oven and feast on the crispiest, absolutely best pizza you can produce with your quality ingredients.

Marsal Manufacturer's Warranty

Weight: 2,750.00 LBS
Total BTU: 260,000 BTU
Product Finish: Stainless Steel
Ship Weight: 2750 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 66" x 80" x 43.25"
Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 2 @ 8" x 60" x 36"
Temperature: 300 - 650 degrees F
Product Capacity: 12 @ 18" pizzas
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