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Vera Pizza Ovens Quello Lucido OP70 - Wood Fired Fibreglass Black Pizza Oven

Vera Pizza Ovens Quello Lucido OP70 - Wood Fired Fibreglass Black Pizza Oven

Vera Pizza Ovens OP70_Black

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Step into a realm where culinary artistry meets sleek sophistication with the Vera Pizza Ovens Quello Lucido OP70. This wood-fired masterpiece is more than just an outdoor appliance; it's a statement piece that elevates your entertaining space to new heights. Crafted with an Advance Proprietary Refractory Formula and encased in a fiberglass finish, the OP70 embodies both resilience and elegance. Picture it nestled amidst your outdoor oasis, seamlessly blending into the landscape while commanding attention with its captivating presence.

As you unveil the Quello Lucido OP70, you're not just unveiling an oven; you're revealing the gateway to a world of culinary delights. Designed by experts in the art of pizza-making, this oven brings the authenticity of wood-fired pizza straight to your backyard. Whether you're curating an outdoor kitchen or simply seeking to infuse your gatherings with a dash of Italian charm, the OP70 is your perfect accomplice.

The allure of the Quello Lucido OP70 lies in its ability to harmonize with its surroundings effortlessly. Its fiberglass construction ensures that it becomes an organic extension of your outdoor space, allowing the natural beauty of your environment to take center stage. And with color options like Arctic White and Midnight Black, you have the freedom to make a bold statement or opt for understated elegance.

But it's not just about aesthetics—the OP70 is a testament to durability and performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant maintenance and hello to hassle-free outdoor cooking. With the Quello Lucido OP70, functionality and aesthetics converge seamlessly, promising a culinary journey unlike any other. So, why wait? Order your OP70 today and embark on a voyage where every meal is a masterpiece and every moment is infused with the essence of Italian tradition.



  • Silky Smooth Black Fibreglass oven-  combining sleek aesthetics with easy-care functionality for a truly hassle-free cooking experience
  • Stainless steel flue with wire mesh spark arrestor
  • Steel slab base providing stability and strength to support your pizza oven for years of reliable performance
  • Stainless steel front slab cover  adding a polished touch to the overall appearance while protecting the oven's face
  • Alum alloy pizza paddle with stainless handle allowing you to effortlessly maneuver and retrieve your delicious creations with precision
  • Black powder coated oven door enhancing the sleek and modern look of the oven while keeping heat and flavors locked inside
  • Refractory brick floor 
  • Steel sub floor providing additional strength and stability to the  oven's structure
  • Granite bench offering a stylish and practical workspace for food preparation and serving
  • Oven stand with 4 wheels enabling easy mobility and flexibility in positioning the oven according to your entertaining needs
  • Rain jacket protecting your oven from the elements, so you can enjoy wood-fired cooking year-round

Vera Pizza Ovens

Authentic Handmade Wood Burning Ovens

$295 Fixed shipping cost for MAINLAND USA only!



External Width (left to right):
External Length (front to back):
External Oven Height (excluding flue):
External Weight:
212 lbs
Internal Length (front to back):
Internal Width (left to right):
Flue Height:
Flue Diameter Cap:
Flue Diameter:
Oven Width (front):
Oven Height (front):
Oven Arch Width (front):
Oven Arch Height (front):
Flue Base Width (front):
Oven Length (side):
Oven Height (side):
Flue Base Width (side):
Oven Front Height (side):

width=OP83/OP70 Tiled Spec Sheet

The Warranty includes 12 months of defects coverage. All claims must be made directly through Pizza Ovens LLc. For what is not covered by this warranty and to view this warranty in detail, please click and download the link below.

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