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Atosa ATTAB1 50 Tablets Fryer Boil-Out Tabs

Atosa ATTAB1 50 Tablets Fryer Boil-Out Tabs

Atosa ATTAB1

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26.00 LBS

Introducing the ATTAB1 Fryer Boil-Out Tablets – your go-to solution for efficient and hassle-free fryer maintenance. With a low-foaming formula, these tablets minimize the risk of overflowing, ensuring a seamless cleaning process. Crafted with food-grade degreasers, these tablets leave no harmful residues behind, making them a safe choice for commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. Each container contains 50 tablets, providing an ample supply for thorough and consistent deep cleaning.

Potent Concentration
Designed specifically to combat tough grease and grime, the ATTAB1 Fryer Boil-Out Tablets deliver concentrated cleaning power. With the capability to efficiently remove stubborn build-up, these tablets rejuvenate fryers, restoring them to optimal performance.

Low Foaming Efficiency
Experience the convenience of a low-foaming formula that allows the cleaning solution to reach every nook and cranny of your fryer. This ensures a comprehensive and consistent clean without the risk of overflowing, streamlining the cleaning process.

Safe and Residue-Free
Rest easy knowing that the ATTAB1 Fryer Boil-Out Tablets prioritize safety. Their food-grade degreaser ingredients guarantee a thorough clean without leaving any harmful residues behind. Perfect for use in commercial kitchens and food processing facilities, these tablets redefine fryer maintenance.