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Wood Oven Pizza, maybe Earthstone Pizza Ovens?

KW Jan 2nd 2020

Wood Oven Pizza, maybe Earthstone Pizza Ovens?

Do you love the taste and smell of a good wood fire pizza? Then Earthstone pizza ovens may be the oven just for you. For twenty years now Earthstone pizza ovens have been in the industry producing their extensive line of modern high-quality wood and gas ovens for both residential and commercial properties for some time now. Earthstone pizza ovens are manufactured in the USA right in beautiful California. The cool thing about Earthstone pizza ovens is, while they do specialize in wood ovens, they also provide gas and coal fire ovens too.

Another fun fact about Earthstone pizza ovens, they were originally manufactured in France, but in 1950 moved to California. The gentlemen that created the brand is Maurice Sabbagh Yotnegparian, he started out as a car mechanic who loved to cook. After gaining several friends who were chefs, he decided to build a pizza oven in his own home. The oven he created was a hit and took off from there. Till this day Earthstone is a family-owned and operated company. Most of the Earthstone pizza ovens that they produce are commercial ovens. Things have happened for the industry when it comes to wood fire ovens, Earthstone pizza ovens have been at the forefront of it all. Earthstone pizza oven has position itself to be a leader in the wood oven spectrum of pizza ovens.

The beauty and aesthetics of these ovens are undeniable by far. In particular, the Earthstone pizza ovens have a unique shape to them. The shape almost resembles a standing table lamp that you find at your grandparent's house. The vent of the oven protrudes out in front of the oven, while the opening gave and oval shape for entry. Commercial modular units for Earthstone pizza ovens come in four different forms. Each varies based on the cooking area and weight. The biggest one allowing you to cook up to 18-20 8” pizzas at a time. That’s a lot of pizza! While the residential modular ovens come in only three different forms. With the largest one holding up to 8-7 8’ pizzas at a time.

Now, the pre-assembled ovens come in five different forms, with the largest one cooking up to 2-3 16” pizzas at a time. These Earthstone pizza ovens are not built-in like the modular units, they have standing legs and can be placed anywhere that has space and ventilation. Most of the Earthstone pizza ovens are engineered with tiles over concrete, the concrete based adds the weight of the oven, however, some would say allegedly that Earthstone pizza ovens do not offer much in the term of heat retention for efficiency. Earthstone pizza oven does offer a mechanical temperature gauge, cast aluminum door with that oval metal entrance plate. Wall and dome elements are dense and Earthstone offers a 5-year limited warranty. To sum this all up Earthstone pizza ovens is a pretty cool and interesting oven that can be used by the homemaker and pizza shop owner alike