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What to Know About Countertop Pizza Ovens |

PizzaOvens Apr 30th 2019

What to Know About Countertop Pizza Ovens |

Countertop pizza ovens are made for businesses that offer pizza as a small menu item. Most countertop pizza ovens can only make one or two pizzas at a time. Bowling allies, gas stations, cafe's, arcades, or any other restaurant that would need a small capacity oven to serve customers. Most models bake 12" pizza's, however, you can get models that will bake up to a 16" pizza.

Countertop ovens are essentially smaller version of a deck oven. They cook using conventional radiant heat from burners that are located on the base of the oven; this process is similar to a convection oven. The top portion of the oven radiates the heat cooking the top while the burners cook the bottom. There is also an option to have an additional heating element on the top that simulate a boiler. Countertop ovens have decks that can be made up of stone which will simulate a brick oven giving your pizzas that brick oven taste. Prior to buying a countertop oven you should plan your menu out. If you are serving frozen, fresh, or artisan pizzas that may change the type of oven you want to purchase.