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Lincoln Pizza, Are They Really That Good?

KW Mar 12th 2020

Lincoln Pizza, Are They Really That Good?

Would you consider yourself a personal pizza junkie? What's so fascinating about pizza lovers, is that some people are so knowledgeable about their pizza, they can even tell you about the ovens that make these delicious pies. Sort of like an oven connoisseur, which is interesting enough knowing that Lincoln Pizza Ovens motto states “consistency you can count on” which to me sounds about right, given that Lincoln has been producing some of the most high-performance ovens to date. The first Lincoln Pizza Oven was created in 1982. This Lincoln Pizza Oven was created under the umbrella of its parent company Welbilt brand. Welbilt brand very much so prides itself on being a global leader in the commercial food service equipment industry. When Welbilt released the Lincoln Impinger oven, it was far more superior than all the other ovens on the market. These Lincoln Pizza Ovens were cooking food twice as fast as the rest. What is even more impressive is that Lincoln Pizza Ovens cook food up to five times faster than a deck oven.

Lincoln Impinger 1132-000 V II Express Ventless Electric Conveyor

Lincoln 2501/1346 Digital Countertop ImpingerElectric Oven

The Lincoln Pizza Oven, especially the Impinger ovens have gained a lot of popularity among the commercial kitchen ovens. Lincoln Impingers are the premier name in conveyor ovens, ideal for restaurants and other food services facilities. Lincoln pizza conveyor ovens are available in many sizes to meet different space and capacity requirements. These uniquely built ovens are by design small for saving space. However, at the same time, it has the cooking abilities of a half size convection oven or several microwave ovens. Lincoln Pizza Ovens use advanced technology (FastBake) to bring large ovens capacity to almost any sized food preparation spot. The food moves slowly across the conveyor belt to get your pizza an evenly and perfectly crisps. Lincoln Pizza Ovens are a great choice for businesses that demand reliability from their cooking tools. Now, for any start-up business or those that operate on a smaller volume, adding a Lincoln Pizza Oven doesn’t have to be a big expense. It is suggested to purchase a re-manufactured oven that can provide you a high-quality oven that has little wear but doesn’t cost as much as a brand-new oven. How important is it to you to create quality food that your customers will associate with your business name? This is a question you should be asking yourself as a business owner. And the answer should be “It is very important”. Lincoln Pizza Ovens have proven to help owners in doing just that. Also, the Lincoln conveyor pizza oven does not require ventilation in most settings, which makes them even more versatile to fit into smaller spaces. Lincoln Pizza Ovens also offer a conveyor countertop oven that works just the same buy allowing even more space! All Lincoln pizza ovens offer the digital controls that can be customized with specific air fingers on top and bottom this allows heat to be adjusted and controlled by zoning. One thing that is for certain, all Lincoln Pizza Ovens are small, versatile and powerful.